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Our Story

The history of our young company is marked by the courage and the strong desire to embark on a journey that makes us unique in the world of Champagne. A story full of anecdotes that could be used as a marvellous screenplay of a movie full of coups de théatre as in the development of our cuvée. A plot with an exquisitely elegant and dynamic profile, the mirror of ourselves, as we believe that the wine expresses the soul of thepeople who make it. Every year we strive to create the perfect cuvée selecting only the finest grapes that can give our wine such a unique tasting profile, not following too many rules of thumb, but our palate, the symphony we use to play reaches such high level that other comparative practices aren't adequate. The art of making Champagne has grown together with the value of our wines and merged wisely with the emotion and passion to create the finest champagne ENCRY. The exclusive and unique "terroir" of our Chardonnay grapes leaves trace at every sip. The footprints of the Maison Veuve Blanche Estelle Champagne ENCRY, is always slightly different. Every single bottle is an exclusive and unique experience that marks the path of our lives.

A Vision

Every great story has its main characters and "plot twists" that mark and contribute to its development. In our case, the protagonists are Enrico and his life & work-partner Nadia. Two Italians (totally unusual in the area) and their passion to create great champagne together with their " vigneron "(Récoltant - anipulant and "chef the cave").
Enrico has always been in love with sparkling wines, even though his main business used to be envaironmental engineering and restoration. He was specialized in a system called "hydroseeding", a process that entails the usage of special blends of natural products, including a mix of selected seeds to restore the original habitat were the soil has become infertile, especially between slope vineyards. This fact led Enrico to work for wine producers in Tuscany and then to approach the Champagne region. Facing the hard task of preventing vineyards erosion and providing oxygen to the vine roots, obtaining a better grapes quality. This cultivation technique has been applied to the vines that now produce Encry and it was the starting point that gave Enrico the opportunity to create his own brand. 


Love, Passion,Art  and Courage

Even the simplest story marks its time through the courage of choices, the desire to achieve, the ability to create, the attention to detail, the intimacy of a dream …
The greatness of these thrive in a craft like ours, practiced across the border, here courage lies in the creation of art within champagne, wisely merging the instinct of a project with the emotion of its realization. We interpret our time through different techniques that characterize our reality and we anticipate the future facing it as a challenge full of obstacles and at the limits of possibility.
Never is it an absurdity when it comes to broadening your horizons. If the doors of perception were open, everything would appear just as it is: Infinite

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