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Our vinification process is calibrated to maintain the characteristic aroma given by the terroir of Le Mesnil sur Oger. The pressing is conducted in the traditional vertical press "Coquard", while the first fermentation takes place in thermoregulated tanks for 10-15 days. The still wine is unfiltered, letting the sediment naturally precipitate with controlled temperature while the malolactic fermentation is prevented. 

Reserve Wines

Reserve wines are produced mixing different vintages and generally constitute the 20% of the blend of our cuvées. They enrich the final product flavor giving more depth, structure and persistence. Furthermore they guarantee a continuity of quality standards to the cuvèes year by year.

The Pressing

We employ a Coquard, the traditional champenoise vertical press. From the first pressing of 4000 kg of grapes we obtain 20,50 hectoliters of juice (cuvée) that is fermented to make our wine. It follows a second pressing obtaining additional 500 liters (Taille), that are only partially used in the best vintages.

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