Millésime 2009

Elegant and fascinating, it charms for its complexity. Aged 70 months on lees, this wine already shows an interesting maturity, with seducing nuances of roasted coffee and a floral aroma of chamomile and linden flowers, followed by chardonnay’s fruity notes of peach, apricot, pineapple and loquat, with a citric and mineral scent in the background. Within the mouth it feels very dynamic, denoting great freshness and the typical print of the chardonnay from Le Mesnil, with mineral chalky sensations characteristic of this terroir: sharp, vertical with good acidity and a thin silky perlage. The taste develops notes of grapefruit, ginger, aromatic herbs and dry fruit, with an evident flavour of walnut and a fresh mineral final. The moderate dosage provides an excellent freshness and personality, a natural expression of the terroir and a pleasant embracing taste.



Preservation and Consume

The ideal temperature to preserve our wine for long aging is 13°C /55°F, at 70-80% RH.

Our Millésime is perfect to be consumed immediately, but it can develop further aromas for 15/20 Years



We suggest to serve the wine at 4°C / 40°F and eventually let it warm up in the glass to reach the perfect tasting temperature around 7°- 9°C / 44°- 48°F



A wide tulip with a pointy base should be preferred, to release all the aromas without losing effervescence